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What is ADAS? Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

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Embracing new technology

Nationwide Windscreen Services believe that keeping all of our customers safe is paramount to what we do. As vehicles become increasingly more technically advanced, we are seeing more and more cars being built with advanced driver assist systems. This includes front and rear cameras, lane departure warnings and sign recognition. All this technology is heading towards autonomous driverless vehicles. Nationwide Windscreen Services were the first windscreen company to invest in the ADAS recalibration system, because putting your vehicle back to how it was is our priority.

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Why Should Windscreen Camera Calibration Be Performed?

Once your windscreen has been removed and replaced, your cameras need to be refitted, and must be refitted in exactly the correct position. If this isn’t done correctly, and by a skilled Technician, then that could be the difference between avoiding an accident or not. Because Nationwide Windscreen Services take safety seriously, we are able to recalibrate your ADAS system every time.

ADAS & your windscreen

If you are at all unsure if your windscreen is fitted with ADAS technology, don’t worry because at Nationwide Windscreen Services all of our call centre operatives are highly skilled and will be able to let you know if you have ADAS or not. They will then take you through the next steps so as to put your mind at rest. If we do need to recalibrate your vehicle, then once completed, we will issue you with a stamped completion certificate.

Our Network

Nationwide Windscreen Services provide quality ADAS calibration services throughout the UK. Our network covers more of the UK than any other windscreen service provider.

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