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Our People

In Nationwide Windcreen Services we realise that our people are our biggest asset, we prioritise creating an inclusive supportive work environment, investing in our people to grow through a series of in house and external training resources.

Our Partnership With Exbow

In 2023 Allscreens Nationwide embarked on a partnership with Exbow, Exbow was founded by Andrew Exon and Mark Bowles in 2019 and are members of the European Mentoring & Coaching (EMCC). Exbow specialise in developing high performing teams through a series of mentoring and coaching.

Comment below from Exbow on our leadership and culture.
”At the start of 2023, ExBow partnered with Allscreens / Nationwide Windscreen Services delivering a leadership programme which included a variety of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to support their growth strategy.

Throughout 2023 we worked closely with over 30 people in their leadership team, helping them navigate the challenges, changes, and opportunities associated with business growth.

We’ve witnessed firsthand their passion for their industry, dedication to their customers, and commitment to their people. The team’s unwavering devotion to being the best they can be reflects a strong culture of excellence fostered by Stuart, Daniel, Samual, and the rest of the board.

With further growth planned in 2024, ExBow look forward to continuing to support the business in developing their leadership teams.”
Mark Bowles
Director Exbow Ltd

Allscreens Academy

In July 2023 we launched our “Allscreens Academy” where our goal is to develop the skillset of business, managed by Sam Clements our Head Of Training and Development the centre provides a series of training for both our technicians and admin teams, giving them an opportunity to understand the dynamics of Automotive Glazing and Customer Service.

Quote from Sam Clements-


I joined Allscreens Nationwide in 2023 after seeing there growth in UK Automotive Glazing industry. I have been supported by the business in the launch of our standalone training facility the Allscreens Academy. This has Academy has been developed to help upskill current technicians and give the opportunity to bring new people into the industry. It has been great to have the support of the team at Allscreens, they are truly a family business at its core that values there team and I am looking forward to continuing the journey with them.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Allscreens Nationwide we are committed at looking at innovative ways to become a greener more sustainable business.
100% of the damaged windscreen is sent to specialist recycling.

All our waste is separated and recycled.
Company cars a mixture of fully electric and hybrid.
Company currently trailing an electric van solution for our fleet with the support of Ford UK.
Repair before replace policy.

Working towards becoming a Carbon Neutral Business.